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Our range of materials spans a wide variety of options to ensure that we can provide the perfect solution for your project. Our available materials include:

1. Acrylic Glass (Fire-Resistance rating: B2): This transparent and versatile material is ideal for high-quality, glossy surfaces.

2. Hard Foam (Fire-Resistance rating: B1): Lightweight yet sturdy, hard foam is perfect for textured surfaces and three-dimensional elements.

3. Hard PVC (Fire-Resistance rating: B1): With its durability and strength, hard PVC is an excellent choice for applications that require resilience.


4. Metal (Fire-Resistance rating: B1): For a rugged and elegant appearance, we offer various metal materials that open up a wide range of design possibilities.


5. Styrofoam (Fire-Resistance rating: B3): This lightweight material is ideal for three-dimensional advertising projects and can be creatively shaped.


6. PE Foam (Fire-Resistance rating: B3): This soft, flexible material is excellent for cushioning and shock-absorbing applications.


7. Polystyrene (Fire-Resistance rating: B3): With its diverse applications, polystyrene is perfect for promotional displays and packaging solutions.


8. Wood (depending on the type of wood): A timeless classic, wood imparts a natural and warm aesthetic to your project.


9. Kappa (Fire-Resistance rating: B2): Lightweight yet strong, Kappa is excellent for structural and presentation purposes.


10. XPS (Fire-Resistance rating: B3): XPS provides excellent thermal insulation and can be used in various applications.



Our extensive selection of materials allows us to create tailored solutions that perfectly align with your requirements and creative visions. We are committed to selecting the best materials for your project and helping you bring your ideas to life.

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